Getting Funds for Online Language Learning and Teaching

Many people go online for a variety of reasons, including socializing and entertainment. But more can be done online, like using the internet to find information and learn new things.

There is a need for information and instruction, and this has created a great opportunity for you to be paid for your knowledge. Some have done this by creating blogs or writing books, an online language learning and teaching course is another way of selling what you know. For instance, if you are proficient in teaching the German language, you can package it as a course.

Here are 3 proven ways to get funds for online language learning and teaching course:

Upfront FeesĀ 

The upfront fee at the beginning of an online language course like the German language is usually easy for learners to understand and the easiest to implement. It also matches the model in which most of us have for paying a fee for education. Many of us are used to paying for courses upfront. This method is less intimidating than an idea of recurring payment that never ends. Upfront payment makes it easier to sell more online language courses later on.

Charge for Certification

This method seems counterintuitive because the valuable part of the language learning and teaching course is being given for free. Learning German, for example, is free in most platforms online. However, this can as well work to your advantage for the following reasons:

  • Trust is built. A learner can easily sign up for your online course without worrying that they are making a bad decision.
  • You can quickly make an email list of those who are interested.
  • People are willing to pay for the Certification because it has a high professional value.

Subscription fees

Mentioned earlier, many are used to upfront fee payment, though, many are also willing to pay recurring fees for ongoing language learning and teaching course as long as its believed that they are going to keep gaining valuable skills from the course over time. Learners might hesitate to sign up for a subscription if they think of their course as a one-time thing. So creating an ongoing language learning program will keep learners coming back indefinitely and it will take a lot of commitment from you and the learners.

Many people are hungry for information, do not be afraid to share what you know.